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XXXIV Cycle Courses

CourseProfessorMaterialCourse Outlines
Promozione della ricerca scientificaProf. De GennaroSlidesfare riferimento al Master UNIBA in Comunicazione Scientifica - link al sito
How to prepare a technical speech in EnglishProf.ssa White CarmelaOutline
Programing with Python for Data ScienceProf. Diacono DomenicoSlidesOutline
Introduction to C++ programmingProf. Francesco CafagnaSlidesOutline
Standard model and physics beyond the standard modelProf.ssa De Fazio FulviaSlidesOutline
Cosmology & Gamma Ray AstrophysicsProf. E. Bissaldi
Prof. G. Fanizza
Optical sensors and spectroscopic techniques Prof. P. PatimiscoSlidesOutline
Atom-photon interactions Prof. PepeSlidesOutline
Machine Learning Techniques in High Energy PhysicsProf. A. SznajderSlidesOutline
FPGA Programming with LabVIEWProf. G. Tagliente
Big Data modelling and machine learning techniques
Prof. N. Amoroso
Prof. S. Stramaglia
Hadron physicsProf. G. BrunoSlidesOutline
Introduction to parallel Computing and GPU Programming using CUDAProf. F. PantaleoSlidesOutline