Association of IceCube neutrinos with major blazar flares Seminario della dott.ssa Caterina Vozzi (direttrice del CNR-IFN) su Attosecond Science (Premio Nobel per la Fisica 2023) XXXIV International School “Francesco Romano” on Nuclear, Subnuclear and Astroparticle Physics Italian Quantum Weeks 2022

XXXVI Cycle Courses

For the XXXVI cycle, in addition to the tradition local courses, an academic collaboration is initiated among various PhD schools in physics (UNIBA, UNISALENTO, UNINA, UNICAMPANIA, UNIPA) to share common training programs. In particular, the following topics were selected:

  • Particle detector and trigger;
  • Quantum Information, quantum computation and quantum Imaging;
  • Astrophysics of compact objects;
  • Fundamental interaction, QCD and BSM;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Signals formation and treatment in particle detectors;
  • Statistical physics for complex systems;
  • Experimental High-Energy Astroparticle Physics.

For each topic, a course is proposed consisting of several teaching modules held by qualified lectures from different institutes.

CourseCourse tipologyMaterialCourse Syllabus
How to prepare a technical speech in EnglishBari courseOutline
Programing with Python for Data ScienceBari courseOutline
Introduction to C++ programmingBari courseOutline
LabView: introduction and a data acquisitionBari courseOutline
Montecarlo simulation with the GEANT 4 codeBari courseOutline
Hadron physicsBari courseOutline
Physics of NeutrinosBari courseOutline
Nuclear AstrophysicsBari courseOutline
Hollow core wave guide devicesBari courseOutline
Atom-photon interactions Bari courseOutline
Physics and Laser ApplicationsBari courseOutline
Quantum information, quantum computation and quantum imagingBA-LE-NA course Outline
Multi messenger and particle astrophysics of compact objectBA-LE-NA course Outline
Fundamental interaction: QCD and BSMBA-LE-NA course Outline
Particle Detectors, Trigger/DAQBA-LE-NA course Outline
Signals formation and treatment in particle detectors BA-LE-NA course Outline
Statistical Physics for Complex SystemBA-NA- UNICAMPANIA courseOutline
Experimental High-Energy Astroparticle PhysicsBA-LE-PA course Outline
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learningBA-LE-NA courseOutline