Italian Quantum Weeks 2022 2021 prize “Giovanni Paladin” awarded to dr. Livio Carenza Registration to the new year Procedure di immatricolazione vincitori 37° ciclo di dottorato

Registration to the new year

The registration to the new year for the PhD students of the XXXV and XXXVI cycle, after the positive evaluation by the PhD Board, will be avaibile online at this web address:


starting from 15 to 22 of October 2021.

After the registration procedure, the students should deliver, in the same time window, the attached registration form to the U.O. Dottorato di ricerca, togheter with the receipt of payment of the “Imposta di Bollo Virtuale” and of the regional ADISU Puglia tax.

In particular, all the PhD students should regolarize the registration to the new year through the online website Esse3, that will consist in the payment of:

– “Imposta di Bollo Virtuale” tax of 16,00 € to pay through platform PagoPa on the website Esse3

– and, where applicable, an annual tax using the same platform.

The students should pay the latter annual tax only if they are public employees and they do not receive any scholarship. It is equal to 846.10€ for the academic year 2021/2022, to pay following this scheme:

– First step of € 346,90 when registering to the new year

– Second step of €499,20: If the student’s ISEE is greater than €14.518,38.

The students should pay the annual tax also if they renounce the scholarship during the course of the year or lose the benefit of the scholarship. Also, PhD students that already possess a previous doctoral title should pay the annual tax.

For late payment of the contribution, the students should pay a penalty of € 20.00 per payments made within 30 days of the deadline, of € 40.00 for those made within 60 days,
€ 80.00 for those made over 60 days from the deadline.

For doctoral students enrolled in industrial doctoral courses, university and other fees contributions are paid by the Company / Organization.

PhD students who do not benefit from the scholarship or renounce it are exempt from payment of the annual tax; also, PhD students with ADISU scholarships or with any loans of honor, eligible students not beneficiaries due to lack of resources, or doctoral students in a situation of disability with an handicap greater than
or equal to 66% are exempt from the payment of the annual tax.

Doctoral students who do not renew their enrollment to the new year will be excluded from the doctoral course.

In order to complete the aforementioned registration to the new year, the PHD students have also to pay the ADISU-Puglia regional text trough PagoPa following the indications at The tax causal payment is TASSA REGIONALE DOTTORATO UNIBA A.A. 2021/2022.

The tax amount is determined depending on the ISEE:

– First step €120,00: ISEE less than or equal to €23.000,0;

– Second step €140,00: ISEE between to €23.000,0 and €46.000,0;

– Third step €160,00: ISEE greater than to €46.000,0.

In case the student the ISEE is not presented, the student has to pay the maximum.
PHD students with an handicap index greater than or equal to 66% are exempt from the tax payment, also in case they posses a previous academic title.

Please note that the total gross annual personal income of PHD students benefiting from a scholarship cannot exceed €16,000.00. Exceeding the income limit determines the loss of the right to the scholarship for the year in which it occurred and entails the obligation to return any monthly payments already received.

The determination of such an income is due to income of patrimonial origin as well as emoluments of any other nature having a recurring nature. Incomes of occasional nature or deriving from military service as a conscript or civil service are exempted from the computation.

The PhD scholarships cannot be cumulated with other scholarships awarded for any reason, except with those granted by national or foreign institutions useful for integrating the research activity of the PHD student with a stay abroad.

Any changes in the situations declared at the time of registration must be communicated within 30 days from the occurrence of the situation itself.
In case of renouncing the benefit of the scholarship, the PhD students have to fill in the renouncement form.

The transition to the following year for doctoral students who are recipients of PhD scholarships under PON RI, POC RI, FSC and POR PUGLIA will follow the timing indicated in the assignment phase of the benefit.